Uplink Capital –  Reliable U.S. based capital sources for business and real estate debt funding, from conventional to private lending solutions.

When we engage with you there are a list of questions each of us will have. Our number one questions has always been; “What are your needs and goals”. From this simple question the beginnings of a plan of action will arise.

Today there are more finance companies and options than ever before. It can be challenging and time-consuming to connect with performing trustworthy lenders interested in your financing requirements.

We view lending realistically, and this makes all the difference. Our network of U.S. based direct investors and lenders includes:

    • Private Equity Funds
    • Hedge funds
    • Banks
    • Specialty finance companies

We have spent the time creating personal relationships with decision-makers. It is this experience and connections to understand the criteria and program needs of each capital source. This knowledge allows us to target which sources of capital can meet your needs.

How we work with clients

Most of our clients are passionate about their project but simply don’t know where to go for financing. Options they found elsewhere were not meeting their needs. Some options seemed too risky, while others were too costly and they felt caught between who to trust and missing out on a good business opportunity. They worried about not being able to move forward.

Equity Financing $5m to $100M+

    • Strong managment team
    • High growth small to mid-market companies
    • Able to build trust and earn respect
    • Appropriate return for the underlying operational and structural risk
    • Defensible market positions
    • Have a solid plan for scalability
    • Solid audited financials
    • A quality board of directors
    • Professional board minutes

Debt Financing $500k to $100M+

    • Rural Business Financing
    • Bridge Loans
    • Refinancing business loans
    • Acquisitions
    • Business Growth Capital
    • Oil & Gas
    • Construction
    • Asset Based Loans
    • Distressed Financing Solutions
    • Equipment Leasing Solutions

Our strategic advantage

Unlike agents who shop your requirements online and on various forums, as intermediaries, we are like matchmakers. We take on your project only when one or more vetted lenders in our network are capable of meeting your financing needs.
Benefits include:

  • Saving you time by increasing the odds of success
  • Saving you money by reducing failed underwriting attempts and the associated fees
  • The entire process is more productive and cost-effective, enabling you to focus more on growing your business to its full potential

Family/Closely Held Busienss 

Uplink Capital currently has relationships investment firms seek to invest in family-owned companies. The goals of some are to invest in a minority stake in your company. While other firms look to acquire a controlling stake up to 100% buyout. Uplink Capital is actively searching for businesses wishing to have options. The profile of a qualifying privately held company is:

  • $5-100 million of revenue
  • $5-100 million of revenue
  • $1mm or more in EBITDA
  • Located in any part of the US
  • Seeking a partner to help expand market share
  • Looking for a partial buyout of equity
  • Looking for a strategic partner to grow the business
  • Seeking up to 100% sale of the business

If you are looking to grow your enterprise, investors bring much more than just capital. Often the benefits include:

  • New sources of business
  • Back office expertise and best practices
  • The ability to acquire competitors

And so much more

Or you are looking to exit the company? We all know there is a time when stepping down is the correct call. Do you find yourself looking back with a sense of pride in what you created but want more time with family, to travel? Is this is you? Then exploring the option of a buy out of your company may be the ideal solution for you. Is your goal to realize personal wealth for you and your grandchildren?
Please call us for a free consultation to find out more information.

Sincere dependable advice

We accept financing requests for “shovel ready” Real Estate Projects, Manufacturing, AreoSpace, Operating Businesses with $3mm+EBITDA and $10mm Revenue looking for $10mm – $200mm in capital, Oil & Gas Projects, and Startups. We bring you directly to lenders we already know can meet your needs.


Uplink Capital has a storied history. The principals have worked both sides of the company/funding coin, having worked in retail and commercial banking as well as started companies from an idea.

Uplink Capital builds relationships with our clients. We become one of your most valuable consultant resources. Raising capital or sell/buy a business isn’t something that happens just because a decision is made. Success takes a plan. This starts by understanding your strengths and weakness. Uplink Capital will work with you to create the greatest value but help position you to be in harmony with the institutional markets. Once the strategy and corrective actions are in place, then we turn the tactical side. Going to market in a precise and systematic program to achieve your goals.

We have developed a proven deal client management methodology. Specifically focused on the unique needs and objectives of emerging and middle market companies. Our methodology includes strategic market research into our clients’ industry and market space, a detailed preparation of investment offering and / or business sale materials, introductions and representation to prospective investors or acquirers, and advice and assistance with negotiating and closing a win – win transaction.

For a free one-on-one consultation.

What we need to prepare for your consultation so as to maximize your time and value.

  1. Nothing that requires an NDA
  2. A brief history of your company
    1. Where you’ve been
    2. Where you are
    3. What your strategy is moving forward
  3. Financial highlights and questions
  4. Your time frame
  5. Your current contact information

Uplink Capital works with client companies to help create the opportunity for investors to find it easy to understand and invest in you.

Investors are looking for companies that take the risk out of any investment. Uplink Capital has a reputation with investors because we tailor each company we represent to match closely with the investor’s interest.

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